Why I'm Running

Why I am Running

I am running to give back and serve the school district that educated me, prepared me for the real world, and sparked my interest in civic engagement. Montebello Unified School District raised me. Through my work as a teenager on Measure M, with the school district, my purpose to give back to my community was catalyzed. Since then I continued my education at East Los Angeles College and the University of California - Los Angeles. I have volunteered with service groups and nonprofits for the last 17 years. I have been trained and developed by Fortune 500 organizations.

Today we are facing unprecedented global, federal, and state issues that will continue to impact the school district and students. Today we are faced with under prepared students and underestimated crisis and budget preparedness. Today we need to restore value, integrity, and pride to MUSD.

This is why I am running. All paths have led me to this moment. My values are openness, honesty, and empathy (for others and self) which has led me successfully through life. My leadership style focuses on connecting, clarifying, and communicating problems as a team or solo. My work ethic to provide fast, fun, friendly solutions has guided me through my work with teams 500+ and when lobbying elected officials.

We cannot continue with the same leadership and inexperience and expect the same politicians to solve issues MUSD has faced since I attended. It is time to elect a homegrown, passionate, and experienced leader who can build bridges. It is time for communities to be reminded of the value, integrity, and pride MUSD once instilled.


I am running to be the champion for our communities, schools, and students. I am running because my experience, leadership, and ability to problem solve will set me a part of the rest. I am running because together we can be the change we want to see.


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